• Finding Inspiration for Your Fireplace Refacing Project

    fireplace reface ramsey, update fireplace If you are interested in updating your living room with a fresh new look, you may want to consider installing a new fireplace mantel this winter. Fireplace mantels can provide a central focus for a room, and a company offering fireplace accessories near Ramsey can help you achieve the beautiful new mantel of your dreams. Rather than completely replacing your mantel, you can achieve dramatic results with a refacing project. During a fireplace refacing project, your technician will provide your gas fireplace with a completely new mantel style. Here is a closer look at some design inspiration for your fireplace refacing project.

    Go Minimal

    When you are seeking a sleek and contemporary look for your fireplace, you may want to go minimal with your mantel refacing design. For example, you can choose to reface your mantel with clean panels that have been decorated in crisp shades of white, grey, or other neutrals. With a minimally designed fireplace refacing project, you will be able to create the modern living room of your dreams.

    Create Ornate Details

    While some homes may be suited for a modern gas fireplace design, other residences may look best when paired with a classic wood mantel. When you are planning a living room design that is classic and elegant, you may want to include ornate details in your wooden fireplace mantel. By choosing a finely crafted mantel that has been carved out of fine wood, you will be able to create a sophisticated mantel that will look great for generations to come.

    Use Natural Materials

    Natural materials are a top trend for today’s mantel designs. As you are planning a mantel refacing project, you may want to go with natural materials, such as stone or tile. With a natural stone mantel, you will bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. For help planning your next fireplace mantel installation, be sure to contact a fireplace company in your local area.

  • The Fireplace Inspection Process

    fireplace inspection ramsey, replace fireplace When you are preparing to install a new fireplace in Ramsey, your installation process will begin with a fireplace inspection . During the fireplace inspection, your technician will take a careful look at your existing fireplace doors and other features that are essential to your wood burning or gas fireplace. To begin, your fireplace company will take exact measurements of your current fireplace and mantel. If you do not already have a fireplace in your home, a technician will measure the area where you would like to have your fireplace installed. After the measurements are taken, your technician will provide you with a precise assessment of the types of fireplaces that will be well suited to your property. Finally, the last step of the fireplace inspection process is to offer an accurate and detailed cost estimate for your project. If you have been dreaming of a new fireplace for the coming winter, be sure to schedule a fireplace inspection today.

  • Comparing Gas and Wood Fireplaces

    fireplace ramsey The winter season is nearly here, and now is a terrific time to consider installing anew fireplace for your home. When you decide to install a new fireplace in Ramsey , you will have many factors to consider. From wood burning fireplaces to gas stoves, there are many different fireplace styles that can suit a range of needs. With the help of a company that specializes in fireplace installation near you, you will be able to determine whether a gas or wood fireplace will be the best fit for your needs. Read on for a comparison of gas and wood fireplaces.

    Ease of Use

    If you are seeking a fireplace that is incredibly easy to use, you may want to consider going with gas. When you install a gas fireplace in your home, you will be able to create a fire simply by flipping a switch or pushing a button. By contrast, a wood burning fireplace will require you to build and maintain a fire out of wood. For the greatest convenience, gas is the way to go.

    Type of Fuel

    Fuel is one of the primary differences between gas and wood fireplaces. While both types of fireplaces will provide a cozy atmosphere that you and your loved ones can enjoy, wood and gas fireplaces rely on different fuel sources in order to produce a fire. A gas fireplace can be connected to the natural gas supply in your home. When you install a wood burning fireplace, you will need to obtain wood from the hardware store or another source.


    As the owner of a fireplace, it is very important to make sure that you maintain your hearth on a routine basis. If you are looking for a fireplace that is very easy to maintain, you may want to consider installing a gas fireplace. With a wood fireplace, you will need to sweep up soot, ash, and other types of debris. By contrast, a gas fireplace creates very little mess.

  • The Process of Converting Your Wood Fireplace

    wood fireplace conversion, change wood fireplace ramsey While wood burning fireplaces still have their uses, many homeowners are making the decision to switch to gas fireplaces in Ramsey. Fortunately your professional fireplace installation and maintenance company can help you convert your old wood fireplace into a new fireplace that is safer, more convenient, and more efficient. After you have your fireplace area inspected, choose a new style, and call a qualified professional, you can enjoy your new fireplace. Read on for a closer look at the process of converting your wood fireplace.

    Inspection and Extension

    If you have already been using your wood fireplace, the conversion process starts with a thorough inspection of your chimney . Use of your wood burning fireplace could have led to the buildup of creosote in your chimney, and this creosote has the potential to catch fire. Once you have had your chimney inspected, the next step is to determine whether or not your home is ready for a new type of fireplace. If you do not already have a gas line in place, you will have to extend your gas line during the conversion process.

    Conversion Choice

    You have decided to convert your wood fireplace, but what is your end goal? Consider the way you plan on using your fireplace to determine what kind of fireplace you would like to end up with. Many homeowners choose gas log kits or gas fireplace inserts when converting their wood units. If speed is an important factor of your conversion process, you might want to choose gas log kits. These kits will keep your fireplace looking much like it does already, although you will probably feel less heat after the conversion. A gas fireplace insert is helpful when you are looking for a full makeover or a unit that can run for hours at a time.

    Professional Fireplace Company

    When you have your chimney inspected, your gas line extended, and your conversion choices laid out for you, make sure you are working with a trustworthy professional. It is always wise to seek a licensed and bonded fireplace company that carries insurance and stands by their work.