• The Benefits of a Gas Fireplace Insert

    fireplace insert, fireplaces ramsey A fireplace insert is a small, self-contained product that fits into the space provided by an existing fireplace. Gas fireplace inserts are a simple and cost-effective way to convert a wood-burning fireplace into a gas fireplace; a gas fireplace insert also serves as a heat-generating stove. Choosing to install a gas fireplace insert near Ramsey offers several benefits for your home, both in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

    A gas fireplace insert can provide an efficient heat source, boosting the abilities of your HVAC system during cold weather to lower your overall heating costs and increase comfort in adjacent rooms. Gas fireplaces can realistically mimic the look of wood-burning fireplaces, allowing you to enjoy the look of this feature without the need to continually remove ash and stack new wood in its place. During installation, a gas fireplace insert can be easily placed into any pre-existing masonry or prefabricated fireplace for an instant facelift and effective zone heating in your home.

  • Touring the Different Types of Fireplace Doors

    fireplace bifold ramsey, fireplace company ramsey If you’re getting ready to install a new fireplace in Ramsey, choosing the right type of fireplace doors will complement your purchase beautifully. These important fireplace accessories will not only improve the function and efficiency of your fireplace, but also provide added safety as well. Fireplace doors are available in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to choose the doors that best suit your home and your fireplace for the greatest end result.

    Cabinet Doors

    Cabinet doors consist of two panes of glass that meet in the middle of your fireplace, allowing you to open them like a cabinet. These doors are the most energy-efficient fireplace doors available, as they have fewer seams than folded doors, and can open fully to allow you full access to your wood or gas fireplace. Cabinet fireplace doors offer a simple and elegant look that highlights more of your fireplace’s natural beauty.

    Bi-Fold Doors

    Bi-fold fireplace doors contain two pieces of fire glass apiece. Each door has a middle seam, allowing the doors to fold away to the side when you open them. You can opt for bi-fold fireplace doors set into a track or with a trackless design; while doors set into a track are more common, trackless fireplace doors allow you to open the doors more fully for better fireplace access. If you have small children at home, bi-fold doors can offer greater security, as they are more difficult for children to open than doors with a cabinet design.

    Custom Doors

    Custom fireplace doors are typically the best option if your fireplace is a unique shape, hard-to-fit size, or you simply want your doors to mesh perfectly with your existing decor in a way you cannot achieve with prefabricated doors. Having your doors custom-made allows you to create exactly the type of door you want for a more seamless look, and will achieve a better fit for safety and energy efficiency in cases where stock doors do not match the dimensions of your wood or gas fireplace exactly.

  • Using Your Fireplace

    A fireplace is both a beautiful and a functional addition to your home, and wood-burning fireplaces remain a popular choice because of the ambience they create. If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of your wood fireplace in Ramsey, there are a few simple tips that will ensure that the fire you create is efficient and safe.

    This video offers advice to make enjoying a fire in your wood fireplace easier and more convenient. You’ll see how to properly stack kindling and logs for the most efficient fire prior to starting. If your fireplace design includes fireplace doors, you’ll want to leave them open for at least half an hour after building your fire for better ventilation. Ensuring your fire receives adequate ventilation in its early stages will prevent smoke from escaping into the room for a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a New Fireplace

    fireplace ramsey, fireplace inside home, fireplace mantels Fireplaces act as stylistic centerpieces, anchoring the design of a room or an outdoor space while also providing a welcoming area for relaxation or socialization. Whether you are updating an older fireplace or installing a new fireplace in your Ramsey home , there are several factors to consider when choosing the product that is best for your needs and personal preferences.


    Fireplaces are available in a wide variety of sizes, allowing you to choose the piece that best fits into the space you have provided. Large fireplaces are more easily visible, and often take center stage in a room’s decorative scheme; however, if you’d prefer your fireplace to act as more of an accessory than a standout piece, a smaller fireplace may be the best choice. Particularly if you want to install a wood-burning fireplace, keep in mind that the size of the feature will also determine its capacity.


    Fireplace mantels were originally designed to catch smoke, soot, and ash as it rose above the fireplace. Today, mantels may or may not provide this function, but are also considered a main design element of the fireplace itself. Fireplace mantels are available in a variety of materials, including wood, stone, and metal; consider a mantel that matches the materials you’ve chosen for the rest of your home. You’ll also want to consider the size of the mantel and how it relates to the overall size of your fireplace to get a mantel that is proportional to your fireplace.


    The two most common fuel types available for fireplaces today are wood and gas. Wood-burning fireplaces require the continual addition of fuel, as well as regular cleaning to address debris left by combustion. However, these traditional fireplace features will work even when your gas service has been interrupted, and are often a matter of personal preference. A gas fireplace requires very little maintenance and care for the utmost in convenience, but may be more costly to install if your home does not have an existing gas line.