• Do You Need to Schedule a Fireplace Inspection?

    If it’s been a while since you last scheduled an inspection for your fireplace in Ramsey, your fireplace may be hazardous to use. A fireplace inspection can reveal a range of issues including soot buildup, water damage, improper installation, and clogged vents. Watch this video to understand the importance of regular fireplace maintenance.

    Even if you have a gas fireplace, ceramic logs can deteriorate and lead to clogged vents and chimney fires. Water entry is the biggest problem found in both factory-made and masonry chimneys. When moisture is able to leak into your chimney, cracks can form in the ventilation system and cause carbon monoxide to get trapped inside your home.

  • Touring Some of Today’s Most Popular Fireplace Mantels

    fireplace ramsey, mantel ramsey If you’re interested in updating your fireplace accessories near Ramsey, you’ve no shortage of colors, materials, and designs when it comes to mantel ideas. Here are just a few of today’s most popular looks for gas fireplace mantels:

    Fresh Paint

    A simple way to give your fireplace a different look is with a new coat of paint. Consider covering your mantel with a bold splash of color to make it the room’s focal point, or use a neutral color that matches your walls if you’d prefer a sleek, built-in look.

    For Display

    The fireplace mantel is often used to bear cherished family photos and heirlooms. In addition to these elements, consider cycling other decorative features on your mantel such as cut flowers, a striking piece of art, or a decorative antique.

    In Brick

    To add a contrasting texture to a bright and fresh room, use exposed brick as part of your fireplace scheme. Brick is also great for adding an industrial or contemporary look to the space. If choosing brick for the surrounds, try coating the mantel with a vivid paint color for a dramatic and modern appeal.

    Carved Limestone

    If your fireplace room has an old-world atmosphere with rich woods for furniture and molding, and cream colored walls, consider a large, dynamic limestone mantel to complete the space’s traditional yet opulent style.

    For Gathering

    If you find that your family spends most of their time in the TV room rather than gathered around the fireplace, consider bringing these two features together. Find a new home for any pictures or paintings on your mantel and have a flat screen installed instead.

    Add Black

    Always trendy and stylish, consider selecting a black-hued mantel to add a modern aspect to the rustic nature of your fireplace. For a cottage-chic appearance, give your traditional carved, wooden mantel a coat of low-sheen black paint.

    In Season

    To give your mantel a unique appearance throughout the year, keep its décor in tune with the seasons. For fall, incorporate a bowl of autumn fruits, spice-scented candles, brass candlesticks, and barren branches.

  • Should You Consider a Fireplace Insert?

    fireplace insert, ramsey fireplaces A fireplace insert is a gas fireplace that’s installed inside of a previously existing fireplace. Choosing to install an insert for your fireplace in Ramsey allows you convert your wood-burning fireplace into a clean and efficient gas-burning one.

    It’s common for homeowners to have a gorgeous fireplace that’s left unused even through the frigid winter months. This is often because wood-burning fireplaces are messy and inefficient compared to turning up the thermostat. Gas-burning fireplace inserts turn on with a flip of a switch and require less maintenance than those fueled by wood. Fireplace inserts are stylish and can save you money on your monthly electric bill, increasing your fireplace’s efficiency by as much as 80%.

    Fireplace inserts release far fewer wood-burning emissions, making them environmentally friendly, as well as an efficient heat source for your home. KJB Fireplaces specializes in fireplace insert installation in Ramsey. Our experienced professionals can help you enjoy having a fireplace again.

  • Essential Fireplace Safety Accessories

    Before you light your first piece of firewood of the winter season, you should consider having your wood-burning fireplace professionally inspected and cleaned. When using your fireplace, be sure you have a fireplace screen in place to block embers and sparks from entering the room. It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies, as well as working fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. For more safety tips, contact a professional who specializes in wood-burning fireplaces and fireplace accessories in Ramsey .

    Watch this informative video to learn more about the safety items you should have on hand when you’re using your wood-burning fireplace, and also tips for using your fireplace safely.

  • What Happens During a Fireplace Inspection?

    fireplace tech, fireplace ramsey Like any other part of your home, your fireplace requires regular maintenance. Scheduling a fireplace inspection is easy, and the inspection itself is thorough and non-intrusive. Whether you want someone to inspect your existing fireplace or help you determine where to install a new one, here’s a closer look at what you can expect from your appointment.

    If you’re installing a new fireplace, your Ramsey fireplace inspector will gather precise measurements in and around the space in which you wish to install your fireplace. Next, the professional will offer recommendations on which type of fireplace is best suited for that space. Finally, the fireplace inspector will provide an accurate cost estimate for the total project. If you want to have your existing fireplace inspected, a professional will thoroughly inspect all facets of your fireplace and offer recommendations for improvements. Regardless of which type of inspection you need, a good fireplace expert will always treat your home with the utmost respect throughout the whole process.

  • Safe Operation of Your Gas Fireplace

    fireplace KJB If you have your gas fireplace installed by a team of seasoned professionals, you can be sure that it will operate safely for years to come. That said, every fireplace requires occasional maintenance, and every homeowner should have some degree of responsibility for their fireplace’s safe operation. Here are a few aspects of operation you should keep in mind to ensure that your gas fireplace is safe to use.


    The byproducts of combustion must be safely expelled out of your home via some sort of venting system. The flue must be open at all times during operation. If you have an old gas fireplace, you might consider having a professional fireplace inspector determine whether your current venting system is effective. If not, you may need have the system reconfigured by professionals.

    Ensuring Complete Combustion

    Before you switch on your gas fireplace, you’ll need to make sure the pilot light is on. If the pilot light is in intermittent mode, it will ignite as you turn on the fireplace itself. As with other gas appliances in your home, it’s important to ensure that the gas flowing into your fireplace burns completely, and that no trace amounts of gas enter your home unburned. Having a carbon monoxide detector in the same room as your fireplace is important for your safety—the same goes for smoke detectors. Again, a fireplace inspector can help ensure that your fireplace is operating as safely as possible.

    Avoiding Burns

    The glass on a gas fireplace, as well as its surrounding frame, can become hot very quickly. What’s more, the fireplace can remain hot for a long time after the fire goes out. It’s important that you explain to your family the dangers of touching or standing too close to your fireplace. If you have small children, consider installing some sort of protective barrier between the fireplace and the rest of the living space. Consider reaching out to your gas fireplace manufacturer for physical barrier recommendations.

  • How to Pick a Fireplace for Your Lifestyle

    Nothing adds comfort and warmth to a space quite like a fireplace. Whether you enjoy entertaining guests or spending relaxing evenings curled up with a good book, a roaring fireplace can make an excellent addition to your home. When choosing between a wood-burning stove , a gas fireplace, or an outdoor fireplace, it’s important to consider various lifestyle factors.

    Think About the Children

    Safety is of the utmost importance when selecting a fireplace. If you have young children, or plan to have children in the near future, consider getting a gas fireplace that fits into the wall and is out of the way. That way, you can minimize the risk of burns. To further enhance safety, you can always install a manufacturer-approved safety screen or other type of physical barrier, then remove it once your children get older.

    Determine Where You Spend Your Time

    Entertaining guests is a wonderful excuse to show off your fireplace. If you have a particular space where you like to entertain guests the most, then you’ve found the ideal spot for your fireplace . The living room is the obvious choice, though some homeowners choose to install fireplaces in the bedroom or even in an open kitchen space. If you have a pleasant patio, consider installing an outdoor fireplace there. A firebox that fits into the wall is the ideal choice for smaller rooms, while a larger space can comfortably accommodate a handsome wood stove.

    Consider Your Heating Needs

    Though many homeowners install a fireplace for the sole sake of improving the ambience, many others rely on the heat provided by a fireplace. Generally speaking, wood or gas stoves put out more heat than their inset counterparts. Another thing to consider is convenience—would you like to simply flip on a switch to ignite your fireplace, or do you prefer to build the fire yourself? Gas provides the maximum convenience, but many homeowners enjoy the authentic crackle of wood fires.

  • The Advantages of Having a Fireplace in Your Home

    fireplace, ramsey fireplace If you have a fireplace in your home, then you know just how amazing one can be in the wintertime. There’s nothing quite like curling up next to it when it’s cold outside. But a fireplace in Ramsey is good for more than just relaxing during the chillier months—it can also provide you and your family with a range of other benefits. Here are some of the biggest advantages to having a fireplace in your home.

    It Will Help Lower Your Energy Bills

    Regardless of whether you have a wood, electric, or gas fireplace, you can save money on your energy bills every month by using it regularly. An electric or gas fireplace can cause your energy bills to go up, but you can offset this by lowering your thermostat and using your fireplace for warmth. Depending on the size of your home, you could even rely on your fireplace to provide most of the heat you need during the winter.

    It Will Serve As the Focal Point of Your Living Area

    A fireplace doesn’t just heat up your home; it also serves as an important design element in it. The first thing that most people will notice when they walk into your living area is your fireplace, so you will have the opportunity to decorate it the way you want. You will find that it sets a tone for the entire space.

    It Will Provide Heat and Light If Your Power Ever Goes Out

    If you have ever lost power in the middle of the winter, then you know how difficult it can be to try and manage without it. Wood burning fireplaces make it easy by providing you with heat when the power goes out. Just keep the fire raging, and you and your family won’t have to worry about your power issues.

    It Will Increase the Value of Your Home

    Studies have shown that some homebuyers are willing to pay more than $1000 extra for homes with fireplaces in them, so a fireplace will help you if you ever decide to sell your home.

  • Choosing the Right Fireplace for Your Home

    A fireplace can be a stunning focal point for an interior space. If you are looking for an effective way to spruce up your living room, you may want to start shopping for new fireplaces in Ramsey . With the help of a company specializing in gas fireplaces, you can ensure that you get the most out of your fireplace installation or renovation. By choosing the best gas fireplace for your space, you can draw your visitors to your hearth. Some common fireplace mantel materials include natural stone, tile, and wood. For a closer look at some tips for choosing the right fireplace for your home, check out this video from HGTV.

  • Giving Your Fireplace a Facelift

    A beautiful fireplace in Ramsey can help you turn your house into a home, but a gas fireplace that does not match the rest of your house can be an eyesore instead. Fortunately you are not stuck with your mismatched fireplace forever and you can replace or reface an old unit that you no longer desire. Watch this video clip for a few tips on giving your fireplace a facelift.

    If you like the way your fireplace works but you are no longer happy with the way it looks, consider fireplace refacing. This allows you to keep your unit intact while changing its appearance to better suit your interior design. A fireplace facelift can improve an array of aspects of your fireplace such as your doors, mantel, and surrounds. This allows you to customize which parts of your fireplace will change and which parts will remain the same.