• Touring Some of Today’s Most Popular Fireplace Mantels

    fireplace ramsey, mantel ramsey If you’re interested in updating your fireplace accessories near Ramsey, you’ve no shortage of colors, materials, and designs when it comes to mantel ideas. Here are just a few of today’s most popular looks for gas fireplace mantels:

    Fresh Paint

    A simple way to give your fireplace a different look is with a new coat of paint. Consider covering your mantel with a bold splash of color to make it the room’s focal point, or use a neutral color that matches your walls if you’d prefer a sleek, built-in look.

    For Display

    The fireplace mantel is often used to bear cherished family photos and heirlooms. In addition to these elements, consider cycling other decorative features on your mantel such as cut flowers, a striking piece of art, or a decorative antique.

    In Brick

    To add a contrasting texture to a bright and fresh room, use exposed brick as part of your fireplace scheme. Brick is also great for adding an industrial or contemporary look to the space. If choosing brick for the surrounds, try coating the mantel with a vivid paint color for a dramatic and modern appeal.

    Carved Limestone

    If your fireplace room has an old-world atmosphere with rich woods for furniture and molding, and cream colored walls, consider a large, dynamic limestone mantel to complete the space’s traditional yet opulent style.

    For Gathering

    If you find that your family spends most of their time in the TV room rather than gathered around the fireplace, consider bringing these two features together. Find a new home for any pictures or paintings on your mantel and have a flat screen installed instead.

    Add Black

    Always trendy and stylish, consider selecting a black-hued mantel to add a modern aspect to the rustic nature of your fireplace. For a cottage-chic appearance, give your traditional carved, wooden mantel a coat of low-sheen black paint.

    In Season

    To give your mantel a unique appearance throughout the year, keep its décor in tune with the seasons. For fall, incorporate a bowl of autumn fruits, spice-scented candles, brass candlesticks, and barren branches.

  • Choosing the Best Gas Fireplace for Your Home

    fireplace ramsey, fireplace decor, types of fireplace Whether you have a wood-burning fireplace at you home that you want to convert to a gas one, or you’re interested in installing a gas fireplace in your bedroom, enlist the help of an experienced fireplace professional who’s knowledgeable about gas fireplace inserts and mantels, as well as gas fireplace refacing in Ramsey. Here are some tips to help you choose the best possible gas fireplace that suits your needs and budget.

    Pick a Gas Fireplace that Complements Your Home’s Design Scheme

    Gas fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles that can fit in with any design scheme. If you’re replacing your wood-burning fireplace, but still love the look of burning logs, you can opt for a gas fireplace that looks like a traditional, wood-burning fireplace—complete with replica logs that look like the real things. If ultramodern minimalism is your style, you can go with a hearth that’s sleek, futuristic, and sophisticated.

    Know What Your Heating Needs Are
    Before you pick out your new gas fireplace, you should determine what your heating needs are. Ask yourself this question: Am I going to use my new gas fireplace as my main source of heat for my home, or do I intend to use it more for ambiance? If you’re using your new gas fireplace for heating, go with a high-efficiency model that can produce a good amount of heat—anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 BTU.

    Consider Venting Options
    There are three venting options available for gas fireplaces: natural vents , direct vents, and vent-free. Natural vents take advantage of existing chimneys in homes to exhaust the combustion waste produced by gas fireplaces. Direct vents draw in air from outside for combustion purposes, and then exhaust the spent air back outside via special venting systems, which don’t require existing chimneys. Vent-free fireplaces utilize similar exhausting systems (catalytic converters) that are found in new cars. These systems clean hot air as it leaves the combustion chamber.

  • Essential Fireplace Safety Accessories

    Before you light your first piece of firewood of the winter season, you should consider having your wood-burning fireplace professionally inspected and cleaned. When using your fireplace, be sure you have a fireplace screen in place to block embers and sparks from entering the room. It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby for emergencies, as well as working fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. For more safety tips, contact a professional who specializes in wood-burning fireplaces and fireplace accessories in Ramsey .

    Watch this informative video to learn more about the safety items you should have on hand when you’re using your wood-burning fireplace, and also tips for using your fireplace safely.

  • What are the Different Types of Fireplaces?

    fireplace, ramsey fireplace, gas fireplace, wood fireplace, fireplace installation Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, installing a new fireplace can add a beautiful centerpiece inside your home, not to mention a functional heating element that can help keep you and your family comfortable during those crisp fall and winter nights. Fireplace showrooms in Ramsey can provide you with inspiration for the look and feel of your new fireplace, but before you start shopping you should learn about some of the different types of fireplaces available for your home.

    Wood Fireplace

    The word “fireplace” conjures up the image of burning logs, the smell of wood smoke, and the sound of crackling flames. Installing a wood fireplace will give your family room, master bedroom, or study a timeless look that will harken back to the fireplaces of old. A custom fireplace installer will help you design a beautiful mantel and surround for your new wood-burning fireplace.

    Gas Fireplace

    More and more popular these days are gas fireplaces, which burn either natural or LP gas to provide primary or secondary heat. Gas fireplaces can be vented through a wall using a power vent, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to where you can have your fireplace installed. Gas fireplaces also do not require special flooring or a hearth front. The benefits of gas fireplaces have also resulted in an increased number of wood-to-gas fireplace conversions.

    Fireplace Inserts

    If you are thinking of remodeling your home and want to give your fireplace a sleeker and more modern feel, consider a fireplace insert . These heating products are installed directly into existing masonry fireplaces and are incredible efficient heat sources. Fireplace inserts can also give the authentic appearance of a wood-burning fireplace, so you won’t lose any of the appeal of your existing fireplace while increasing the room’s heating and comfort.

  • Why Choose KJB Fireplaces?

    KJB fireplace, ramsey fireplace When you decide to update an old fireplace or put in a brand new one, you should work with a company that has the experience to get the job done right. KJB Fireplaces has been helping homeowners with wood and gas fireplace installation serving Ramsey for 15 years and can help you with it.

    Before we begin tackling any project, we will come to your home to inspect your current fireplace or the space where you want to install a fireplace. We will take measurements, make suggestions, and even provide you with an estimate that will let you know how much a project will cost. If you need assistance picking out the right fireplace for your home, we will show you every wood and gas fireplace option we carry and tell you more about them. When you work with KJB Fireplaces, you will get the best customer service possible and the peace of mind that comes along with working with a trusted name in fireplaces.

  • The Fireplace Inspection Process

    fireplace inspection ramsey, replace fireplace When you are preparing to install a new fireplace in Ramsey, your installation process will begin with a fireplace inspection . During the fireplace inspection, your technician will take a careful look at your existing fireplace doors and other features that are essential to your wood burning or gas fireplace. To begin, your fireplace company will take exact measurements of your current fireplace and mantel. If you do not already have a fireplace in your home, a technician will measure the area where you would like to have your fireplace installed. After the measurements are taken, your technician will provide you with a precise assessment of the types of fireplaces that will be well suited to your property. Finally, the last step of the fireplace inspection process is to offer an accurate and detailed cost estimate for your project. If you have been dreaming of a new fireplace for the coming winter, be sure to schedule a fireplace inspection today.

  • Giving Your Fireplace a Facelift

    A beautiful fireplace in Ramsey can help you turn your house into a home, but a gas fireplace that does not match the rest of your house can be an eyesore instead. Fortunately you are not stuck with your mismatched fireplace forever and you can replace or reface an old unit that you no longer desire. Watch this video clip for a few tips on giving your fireplace a facelift.

    If you like the way your fireplace works but you are no longer happy with the way it looks, consider fireplace refacing. This allows you to keep your unit intact while changing its appearance to better suit your interior design. A fireplace facelift can improve an array of aspects of your fireplace such as your doors, mantel, and surrounds. This allows you to customize which parts of your fireplace will change and which parts will remain the same.

  • The Process of Installing a Gas Fireplace

    A gas fireplace can be an excellent choice if you want an alternative to a wood-burning fireplace in Ramsey . There are a few important elements to consider when it comes to installation, so it helps to work with an experienced design professional. Watch this video for a look at the process of installing a gas fireplace.

    One nice aspect of a gas fireplace in particular is that you can install it in a basement. First you will have to choose the design style. Consider the materials you would like to use in the installation of your gas fireplace as well as the look you would like your mantel to portray. Limestone can be a great choice for your gas fireplace, as can cast stone and tile. It is important that you find an experienced professional to help you with the process of installing a gas fireplace to ensure that the job is done right.

  • Care and Maintenance for Your New Fireplace Installation

    A new fireplace in Ramsey can be a great addition to your home all year long, but it is important that you understand how to care for it in order to keep it in working condition. Properly caring for a wood-burning fireplace can also keep your family safe. Fortunately, maintaining your new fireplace is a relatively simple job. Read on for the details about care and maintenance for your new fireplace installation.

    Knowing What to Burn

    There are a few different types of fireplaces to choose from, and they create fire using different materials. Your prototypical picture of a fireplace may involve pieces of lumber heating the hearth, or you might think of a fireplace fueled by natural gas. If you want to keep your fireplace working properly for years to come, it is important to know exactly what to burn inside of it. Haphazardly going to your backyard to break sticks off of a tree is not necessarily the best idea, even for a wood-burning fireplace. Instead, you should burn wood that you have chopped and kept covered for several months; this type of wood will contain a smaller amount of moisture and produce less creosote, which is a potentially harmful substance. It is also preferable to burn hardwoods over softwoods .

    What You Can Do

    If you have been burning the proper materials within your fireplace, the next step is to provide some light but Fireplace Installation Ramsey routine maintenance on your own. If you notice ash piled up to the bottom of your grate, clean it up. Consider light small pieces of wood to ensure that your chimney is working properly. If this test results in smoke filling the room, you should have your chimney looked at.

    When to Call a Professional

    While there is only so much an average homeowner can do for the family fireplace, one of the most important things is to work with a professional. You should have a professional come to your home to clean and inspect your chimney on an annual basis. Fireplace professionals can make sure that your unit remains in proper working order.

  • Ideas for Your New Fireplace Design

    Many older homes feature wood burning fireplaces in Ramsey. However, unlined wood-burning fireplaces are not very efficient at heating your home, and the smoke from the fire can pose a health risk if the chimney and flue are not kept in pristine condition. If you want to keep the traditional look and feel of a roaring fire but bring the efficiency and design into the 21st century, here are some ideas for your fireplace upgrade :

    Fireplace Inserts

    A fireplace insert helps keep the heat generated by the fire inside your home, while also ensuring that harmful smoke doesn’t get into your living space. If you absolutely must have a real wood-burning fireplace, you can have a special insert installed. However, a modern gas fireplace insert still provides the aesthetic of dancing flames without the smoke that comes from burning wood. Gas inserts are also much more energy efficient, and since the gas fire doesn’t produce any smoke you will not have to have your chimney cleaned.

    Fireplace Mantels

    The mantel is the shelf above the fireplace, where homeowners often place photo frames, family mementos, and other cherished objects. Modern minimalist designs often feature floating mantels, which are drilled directly into the wall above the fireplace. They can be made from stone or wood, depending on the decor you choose for the room and your own personal design preferences.

    Fireplace Surrounds

    The most traditional fireplace designs feature fireplace surrounds, which are accent pieces that frame the firebox Fireplace Upgrade Ramsey on three sides, stretching from the floor up to the mantel. If you have a historic home with details such as crown molding, a wooden fireplace surround may be the best aesthetic fit. In a modern home, you can choose stone or marble fireplace surrounds.

    Fireplace Hearths

    The hearth is the portion of the floor directly in front of the fireplace, which is usually made from a heatproof material, often different than the flooring material in the rest of the room. The hearth may be made from the same material as the fireplace surround. Often, hearths are made of stone, though they can be covered in tile.