• Matching Your Mantel to Your Décor

    fireplace mantel, fireplace decor If your home has a fireplace, chances are that it also has a mantelpiece. Fireplace mantels are architectural details that are either ledge-like surfaces right above fireplaces or decorative framing elements that surround them. Having the right mantel can really make your fireplace standout. Since there are so many styles, colors, and materials to choose from, picking the right mantel for your fireplace and home can be tricky. If you need help matching your mantelpiece with your home’s overall design scheme, get in touch with a reputable fireplace professional who specializes in fireplace accessories, fireplace doors, and fireplace mantels in Ramsey.

    Determine What Your Mantel Is For

    Many people use their fireplace mantels as places for picture frames, knickknacks, and holiday decorations. If you’re using your mantle as a shelf for your displaying your items, a simple mantel should do; an ornate mantel can distract the eye away from the things on display. For architectural interest, opt for a mantel that has visual appeal, presence, and makes a statement—one that acts like a picture frame around your fireplace, creating a focal point.

    Use Proportion to Your Advantage

    In general, your fireplace mantel should be proportional to your fireplace. For example, if you have a large fireplace, then you should have a large mantle that complements it and makes sense visually. Large mantels can also work with smaller fireplaces, but they may potentially overpower them. Don’t use small mantelpieces with large fireplaces because smaller mantels can get lost over large fireplaces and look silly.

    Pair Design Elements Harmoniously

    Matching a mantel to your décor can be rather easy if you know how to pair things together in a harmonious way. For instance, if you live in an older home with a lot of wood in it, having a matching wood mantel is a great choice. Wood mantels can also work with modern designs, such as over a sleek gas fireplace, and can add warmth to a fireplace’s facade, offsetting the coldness of brick, natural stone, concrete, or tile.

  • A Guide to Choosing a New Fireplace Mantel

    fireplace mantel, KJB Fireplaces, fireplace design A fireplace is a central feature of any home. Whether you are planning a household renovation or are building the new house of your dreams, it is important to include a fireplace that will provide you and your loved ones with comfort and style. A company offering fireplace accessories near Ramsey will be able to provide you with more information about the fireplace mantels that are available for your fireplace design . By choosing the best mantel to match your modern gas fireplace, you will create a hearth that is both functional and attractive. Let’s take a look at of the different fireplace mantel designs that you may want to choose for your home.

    Consider Modern Metal

    When you are seeking a sleek and contemporary look for your mantel, you may want to choose a modern metal installation. Welded metal can be used to create a mantel that is streamlined and contemporary. Your metal mantel can be finished with a variety of colors, ranging from sleek metallic to edgy black.

    Think About Classic Craftsman

    To create a mantel that provides your fireplace with a classic and elegant look, you may want to choose a mantel that draws its inspiration from Craftsman design. Craftsman mantels are distinguished by their wooden construction and attention to detail. As you are designing your Craftsman mantel, you may want to consider including both stone and wooden elements. Your Craftsman mantel can be used to create a stunning focal point for your living room.

    Stick With Traditional Wood

    If your home is more traditional in its style, you may want to talk to your fireplace company about creating a classic wooden mantel. Traditionally, wooden mantels have been carved out of luxurious hardwoods, such as oak. To provide your mantel with classic flair, you may want to include architectural finishes, such as carved corbels. Corbels are both decorative and structural in function, and can be used to support a heavier wooden mantel design.

  • Touring the Different Fireplace Mantel Styles

    While your gas log fireplace may be beautiful in its own right, a fireplace mantel in Ramsey can allow you to round out the whole picture. Fortunately fireplace mantels come in a range of designs and styles including wood, cast stone, and limestone. You can also enhance these styles by adding your own décor to your new mantel in order to create a uniquely beautiful and personalized focal point. Keep reading if you are interested in touring the different fireplace mantel styles.


    If you have seen a few fireplaces in your lifetime, chances are you have seen a wooden mantel. This type of mantel is among the most popular, due in part to its impressive versatility. Wood mantels can fit into the most intricate and ornate interior designs as well as they can fit into a sleek, modern aesthetic. Wood is also the Fireplace mantel Ramsey easiest mantel material to paint, so you have the ability to change its color in the future if so desired. On the other hand, the variety of options that wood mantels present can also look exceptional when stained rather than painted. Hardwoods like oak, cedar, and cherry tend to be popular choices for fireplace mantels.

    Cast Stone

    Many homeowners enjoy the look of a natural stone fireplace mantel but are turned off by its price tag. Fortunately cast stone mantels can emulate that look at a more affordable price. Cast stone also offers the advantage of complete customization; since the manufacturers will create a mold for your mantel, you get to decide exactly how it will look. This type of mantel is easy to install because it comes out of the mold in one piece. Keep in mind, however, that it might take a few able-bodied people to transport your cast stone mantel.


    Cast stone is not quite as luxurious as real natural stone, which means that it just will not do for some homeowners. These individuals may be more interested in true limestone for their fireplace mantels. These mantels are beautiful and effective, but they are more costly and difficult to customize.