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Remodeling your fireplace is one of the simplest ways to update the design in your Ramsey home. You can purchase a gas insert fireplace for use in your current fireplace, you can install a new mantel, you can opt for gas fireplace refacing to update the look, and you can invest in fireplace accessories to add a modern touch to the design.

FireglassFire glass is a popular accessory for both outdoor fireplaces and indoor enclosed gas fireplaces. This product consists of smooth-tumbled glass pebbles that sit around the gas emitter ring to mask it from view. You can also install fire glass in your fireplace even if you use an artificial gas log. The fire glass reflects light from the flames, creating a pleasing sparkle effect. You often see fire glass installed around the gas jets in outdoor fire pits, but it is just as beautiful inside your home. You should not simply use glass pebbles or marbles from the craft store for this purpose—real fire glass is tempered and designed to be heat-resistant and completely safe for use in gas fireplaces.