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fireplace with large windowIf you’re getting ready to install a new fireplace in Ramsey, choosing the right type of fireplace doors will complement your purchase beautifully. These important fireplace accessories will not only improve the function and efficiency of your fireplace but also provide added safety as well. Fireplace doors are available in a wide variety of styles, allowing you to choose the doors that best suit your home and your fireplace for the greatest end result.

Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors consist of two panes of glass that meet in the middle of your fireplace, allowing you to open them like a cabinet. These doors are the most energy-efficient fireplace doors available, as they have fewer seams than folded doors, and can open fully to allow you full access to your wood or gas fireplace. Cabinet fireplace doors offer a simple and elegant look that highlights more of your fireplace’s natural beauty.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold fireplace doors contain two pieces of fire glass apiece. Each door has a middle seam, allowing the doors to fold away to the side when you open them. You can opt for bi-fold fireplace doors set into a track or with a trackless design; while doors set into a track are more common, trackless fireplace doors allow you to open the doors more fully for better fireplace access. If you have small children at home, bi-fold doors can offer greater security, as they are more difficult for children to open than doors with a cabinet design.

Custom Doors

Custom fireplace doors are typically the best option if your fireplace is a unique shape, hard-to-fit size, or you simply want your doors to mesh perfectly with your existing decor in a way you cannot achieve with prefabricated doors. Having your doors custom-made allows you to create exactly the type of door you want for a more seamless look, and will achieve a better fit for safety and energy efficiency in cases where stock doors do not match the dimensions of your wood or gas fireplace exactly.