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Wood FireplaceYour wood burning fireplace may look great in your home, but it can also present some problems for you and your family. Wood fireplaces can cause harmful smoke to fill your home. They can also pull warm air from your home and suck it up the chimney. Additionally, they require routine maintenance to keep them safe. For these reasons, you should consider converting your wood fireplace in Ramsey. Here are three excellent options for you.

Gas Insert Fireplace

If you have a wood fireplace in your home, you obviously have to spend time starting a fire and keeping it going in order to use it. This is not the case with a gas fireplace. By having a gas line installed in your fireplace and venting it properly so that fumes are directed outdoors, you can start this kind of fireplace with the flip of a switch. It doesn’t rely on a chimney, so you won’t need to worry about losing warm air when you’re not using it, and it will produce a real fire that will heat your home.

Electric Insert Fireplace

With an electric fireplace, your home will look like it has a fire raging when you turn it on, but you won’t actually have any flames inside of it. By simply plugging an electric fireplace into a grounded outlet, you can turn it on and start using it right away. The latest electric fireplaces make the flames inside of them look incredibly lifelike. Your electric bill will likely go up as a result of your electric fireplace, but it will last longer than the average gas fireplace because it does not need any fuel to operate.

Alcohol Gel Fireplace

While gas and electric fireplaces are your best bet when converting a wood fireplace, there are some other options out there. For example, an alcohol gel fireplace relies on a special alcohol gel to produce fire. It will help you create a real flame inside of your existing fireplace, but that flame will not let off dangerous smoke like a flame inside of a wood fireplace does.