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Fireplaces can be a wonderful addition to your home, adding warmth and a sense of coziness during the fall and winter. If you find you don’t use your gas fireplace much because it’s outdated or unattractive, consider refacing your gas fireplace in Ramsey. An updated fireplace will increase the value of your home while adding a stylish and functional focal point to the room. Fireplace refacing can address any or all of the following:


Located between the mantel and the fireplace, the surrounds are what frame your fireplace. Popular surrounds materials include granite, slate, marble, and other natural stones because they are attractive and elegant but also non-combustible and resistant to heat.


Unlike with wood-burning fireplaces, doors are not an essential component for their gas-burning counterparts but can add an additional level of interest to the fireplace and are available in both standard and custom sizes.


Mantels are the non-combustible and decorative part of your fireplace. Considered to be its framework, the mantel is a substantial component and is usually the centerpiece of the fireplace refacing project. Mantels can be made from different stones or from wood, which can give you more flexibility for colors and finishes.

The Process

Refacing begins with the removal of the original molding that edges the surrounds. Next, the original surrounds are removed and any old adhesives are cleaned away. If the mantel is also being replaced, the original will be removed as well. Next, the new surrounds are installed, and if doors are part of the refacing, they can be secured to the fireplace frame at this time. Lastly, your new mantel is put in place above the fireplace to complete the refacing.

When to Reface Your Fireplace

In some cases, an old gas fireplace can have peeling or degrading finishes that present a fire hazard and need to be replaced. A remodel of the area of your home where the fireplace is a focal point can cause it to stick out like a sore thumb, but altering the facing’s colors and materials can tie the room’s new look together.