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Different type of flower potA fireplace is a central feature of any home. Whether you are planning a household renovation or are building the new house of your dreams, it is important to include a fireplace that will provide you and your loved ones with comfort and style. A company offering fireplace accessories near Ramsey will be able to provide you with more information about the fireplace mantels that are available for your fireplace design. By choosing the best mantel to match your modern gas fireplace, you will create a hearth that is both functional and attractive. Let’s take a look at the different fireplace mantel designs that you may want to choose for your home.

Consider Modern Metal

When you are seeking a sleek and contemporary look for your mantel, you may want to choose a modern metal installation. Welded metal can be used to create a mantel that is streamlined and contemporary. Your metal mantel can be finished with a variety of colors, ranging from sleek metallic to edgy black.

Think About Classic Craftsman

To create a mantel that provides your fireplace with a classic and elegant look, you may want to choose a mantel that draws its inspiration from Craftsman design. Craftsman mantels are distinguished by their wooden construction and attention to detail. As you are designing your Craftsman mantel, you may want to consider including both stone and wooden elements. Your Craftsman mantel can be used to create a stunning focal point for your living room.

Stick With Traditional Wood

If your home is more traditional in its style, you may want to talk to your fireplace company about creating a classic wooden mantel. Traditionally, wooden mantels have been carved out of luxurious hardwoods, such as oak. To provide your mantel with classic flair, you may want to include architectural finishes, such as carved corbels. Corbels are both decorative and structural in function and can be used to support a heavier wooden mantel design.